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About Tim Bauer

Tim Bauer been has speaking in front of groups of 5-5,000 for over 15 years. After a lifelong battle with food addiction, obesity, and yo-yo dieting, he lost almost 250 pounds. His story of overcoming perfectionism, learning to fail forward and his mantra of losing 1 pound 250 times has appeared internationally in the Wall Street Journal, TLC’s Skin Tight, on TEDx stages and many other media programs and publications.

His greatest accomplishment is that his daughters can finally wrap their arms completely around him and sit in his lap without his belly getting in the way.



Tim’s story of losing One Pound 225 Times will inspire your audience to act on their own personal WHY.

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Tim will help your audience will discover and breakthrough the limiting beliefs or actions that are holding them back.

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Childhood Obesity

Tim’s lifelong struggle with obesity and bullying is perfect for inspiring both healthy and overweight teens.

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Tim Bauer is quite a talented speaker and our whole group enjoyed the presentation immensely. We were especially impressed by how well he understood the topic and how he was able to tailor the program specifically to our needs. He was able to pack a lot of information into the hour we allotted. We hope to be able to recommend his services in the near future.

I’m on a healthy committee in Magna, UT called Magna in Motion. We are focused on helping people live their best lives! I reached out to Tim and invited him to come speak to our weight loss group.

Tim inspired many in our little town!

I could write a book about your posts and how much I learn reading and rereading them.  You are so smart with your analogies, but you offer such concrete advice to implement small (or BIG!) changes that build on one another over time.  

Because of you and the insight you have given me, my focus has become one of forgiving myself, loving myself, and persevering on this lifelong journey. THANK YOU for challenging me to think differently about myself and help me believe that I can achieve whatever goals I set for myself in my life. 

Have you ever wondered what true inspiration is all about? If so, I would encourage you to learn more about TinierTim Bauer. Tim has achieved some incredible goals in life. He will inspire you! He will motivate you! He will make you want to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be!

Tim has conducted a couple of seminars for our team. Both extremely informative, useful and very well delivered. Well worth you and your teams time. I strongly recommend.


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